Endou sake shop

Endo Sake Brewery is a small storehouse, one after another gives out original products, including the Best Taste Award for the third consecutive year, “Yamagata Daiginjo” won four awards both at home and abroad, and has received attention from all over the country technically .

Freshly brewed sake, six months, ten months and ice cold ripened · · · Each taste of alcohol is reminiscent of Shinshu’s four seasons.
A firm taste, the sweet and sourness of koji spreads in the mouth, and when passing through the throat it is just like a “stream” that makes such a liquor.


Tasting: About 30 alcoholic beverages can be tasted
Opening hours: 8: 30 ~ 17: 30
Closed: New Year’s Day only
Web site:http://www.keiryu.jp/